Teviso Sensors on Nano Satellite


New sensor products coming soon

Our new product line in Ultra-low-Power technology will be available by the end of this year. This product line will include sensors for beta and gamma (compatible with the RD 2014) as well as sensors for alpha, designed for the detection of radon.

TEVISO Sensor Technologies Ltd.

At Teviso Sensor Technologies Ltd. engineers and field experts deal with the electronic measurement of physical properties. The core expertise lies in the development of sensors for nuclear radiation.

Teviso’s mission is to develop and manufacture products at a high technical level. The technology advanced location in Switzerland provides the perfect environment for ensuring outstanding precision and reliability.

The products of Teviso Sensor Technologies Ltd. are solid state nuclear radiation sensors, designed for monitoring beta radiation, gamma radiation, and X-rays. Solid state sensors directly convert the incident radiation into electrical current, much as a Geiger-Muller counter tube does, except that rather than gas, a material such as silicon is used. The advantage of Teviso nuclear radiation sensors is cost, as the critical electronics required are fully integrated in the sensor modules.

Teviso sensors are successfully used in monitors for nuclear safeguards, in nanosatellites and in physics student projects.