RD2014, Solid State Nuclear Radiation Sensor

PIN Diode Radiation Detector RD2014The RD2014 nuclear radiation sensor is based on an array of customized PIN diodes. The integrated pulse discriminator with a temperature compensated threshold level provides true TTL signal output. The RD2014 is capable of detecting beta radiation (electrons), gamma radiation (photons) and X-rays.

The performance of the RD2014  solid state sensor, in combination with a high immunity to electrostatic fields make it a good choice for designing new, state-of-the-art measuring instruments as well as for upgrading existing designs.

Features and BenefitsFunctional block diagram of RD2014 sensor

  • High detector sensitivity: 5.9 cpm/µSv/h
  • Integrated pulse discriminator with TTL output
  • Detects beta and gamma radiation and X-rays
  • High immunity to electrostatic fields
  • Low power requirement (3.0V to 5.0V; 400µA)
  • Designed for battery powered applications
  • Swiss made

Application Areas

  • Precision measuring equipment for nuclear radiation
  • Portable nuclear radiation detectors
  • Student projects


Detailed Technical Specifications (PDF)