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Proof of Radon in Rock and Building Material

Radon_Detection    An Instructive Experiment on Radioactivity   Author: Bernd Laquai

The measurement of radon exhalation is performed in two steps. First, an activated charcoal tablet is added to the sample of rock. The activated charcoal binds the radon exhaling from the sample in the course of the uranium decay. Second, the charcoal tablet is inserted into a sample fixture and sealed with a gas-tight foil. The time dependent beta and gamma radiation of the radon decay products is measured with a PIN-diode detector and analysed and plotted with appropriate hard- and software.


 Mess-Drohne für Radioaktivität auf der Basis eines Arduino-Mikrocontrollers mit SD-Karten-Logger und Teviso-Strahlungssensor

>> More information (only available in German)


Theremino Open Source & Teviso RD2014 Sensor

 Thermino uses RD2014 Sensor

Based on Thermino hardware, this tool has a sophisticated software (open source) that turns it into a professional equipment, similar to a "Rate-Meter", with characteristics unattainable from the "usual" Geiger counters. This tool is great in education and experimenting and it gives schools and technical institutes the opportunity to carry out professional analysis, such as the determination of the natural radioactivity of ceramics and building materials.  >> More information


Bluetooth Radiation Tracker

Bluetooth Radiation Tracker  

FitBit-type bluetooth radiation sensor for tracking radiation exposure (for working around X-rays in the hospital, or just life in general).   >> More information


Radiation Measurement Shield „Tino“ for the Arduino and Arduino-Compatible Microcontrollers

 Ardino Geiger Counter

The Tino shield is a calibrated measurement instrument for radioactive radiation. A professional PCB developed and manufactured for use with a kit which is now available for the interested community. This PCB and the parts for assembly are designed and selected such that a simple measurement instrument can be created easily and safely with only minimal soldering effort and without much electronic expertise. The basis is the Teviso radiation sensor module, available in different variants as a fully integrated digital PIN diode detector.  >> More information