Teviso Sensors on Nano Satellite

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TEVISO Company Profile

At TEVISO Sensor Technologies Ltd. engineers, physicists and field experts deal with the electronic measurement of physical properties. The core expertise lies in the development of sensors for nuclear radiation.

TEVISO’s mission is to develop and manufacture products at a high technical level. Five years of experience combined with the technology advanced location in Switzerland provides the perfect environment for ensuring outstanding innovation, quality and reliability.

The products of TEVISO Sensor Technologies Ltd. are solid state nuclear radiation sensors, designed for monitoring beta radiation, gamma radiation, and radon. TEVISO radiation sensors and detectors integrate all electronic components which are required to provide a digital output to allow further processing of the measured physical data. TEVISO sensors are compact, robust and reliable.

TEVISO sensors are successfully used in monitors for nuclear safeguards, in nanosatellites and in natural science projects.

 Teviso Company Profile

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